Are you a passionate tattoo artist with a burning desire for improvement? At Girls & Roses Tattoo Studio, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey, honing your skills and achieving your dreams through our exclusive 6-month Flash-Only Tattoo Apprenticeship Program.

πŸ’‘ Our Three-Phase System πŸ’‘

Phase 1: During the initial phase, we will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to tattooing, emphasizing safety, design techniques, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. You'll be immersed in our welcoming and inclusive studio culture, fostering an environment that encourages growth and creativity.

Phase 2: In the next phase, you'll have the opportunity to put theory into practice. Through hands-on classtime and shadowing sessions with experienced artists like Ruben, you'll hone your linework, shading, and artistic techniques. Our mentorship approach ensures you receive real-time feedback, allowing you to refine your skills and elevate your artistry.

Phase 3: As you progress into the final phase, we'll empower you with essential business and marketing strategies. Learn to create a safe and comforting space for your clients, making their tattoo experience memorable. You'll also develop skills to curate your ideal clientele, ensuring your tattooing career flourishes as you step into a future you love.

Small Class Size

We prioritize personalized attention and a nurturing learning environment, which is why our Apprenticeship Program has a limited capacity of three apprentices, ensuring a 1:1 learning experience and small class size for optimal growth.

Dedicated Classtime

Our comprehensive Apprenticeship Program ensures ample learning opportunities. We set aside 4 hours of classtime each week for interactive workshops, personalized feedback, and hands-on collaboration.

Shadowing Opportunities

We provide exclusive Shadowing Sessions, allowing you to closely observe techniques, ask specific technical questions, and receive expert guidance from your mentor, Ruben, to refine and elevate your skills.

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Your journey starts here at Girls & Roses

Fill out the contact form below to express your interest in our transformative 6-month Flash-Only Tattoo Apprenticeship Program. Spaces are limited, and we'd love to hear from you! Typically, you'll hear back from us within 48 hours.



  • Yes, absolutely! After acquiring the required drawing and tattoo designing skills, you will progress to practicing on tattoo skin, and then proceed to tattoo models by the 9th week of your apprenticeship.

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