How to Care for a New Tattoo

How to Care for a New Tattoo

Follow these tips for optimal tattoo preservation.

Tattoo Healing Tips and Instructions

1. Leave bandage on for 1-3 days. 72 hours is optimal, but if the bandage gets icky and gross, then remove after 24 hours. 

Optional: You can always add a fresh piece of Saniderm for added protection and healing benefits after you take the first piece off. If your artist doesn't use Saniderm, you can use a piece of Saniderm yourself at home. Just make sure to wash tattoo gently first with a mild soap and pat dry.

Most avid collectors buy their own roll of Saniderm and keep it in their medicine cabinet to have available for future tattoos. If you feel like you're just going to get one tattoo, a smaller package of pre-cut Saniderm bandages also available. 

2. After removing the bandage, wash tattoo gently with mild soap.
 Dr. Bronner's Baby Hemp Soap is recommended.

Pro-tip: We like to use a foaming soap dispenser  because it lathers for you and is more gentle on the skin. If you want to use this dispenser, you'll use 2oz of Dr. Bronner's Baby Hemp Soap and 12oz of distilled water.

3. Continue washing with mild soap 2-3 times daily until healed.

4. On the 4th day, tattoo may be itchy and dry. A fragrance free lotion will help relieve itchiness. Cetaphil lotion is recommended.

5. We DO NOT recommend any petroleum based products. As they tend to clog pores and prolong tattoo healing. Cetaphil lotion is recommended.

7. Apply fragrance free lotion as needed for the remainder of the tattoo healing.

8. AVOID prolonged exposure to water and sunlight until tattoo is healed.

9. DO NOT pick or scratch tattoo.

10. If you show any signs of infections contact your physician immediately.

Follow these instructions for optimal tattoo preservation. Happy Healing!

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